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Hairolophy is one of the professional academies Since 2007, run by a professionally renewed hairstylist. We offer seminars all over India on Hair Styling. We coverage even in electronic media speak volumes about our experience. Hairolophy invites even the most casual traveler on the Hairstyle path to experience what a transformation is all about. No matter what your age, hair, or skin type, we create the ideal environment for you to reinvent or rediscover your image and personality. What’s more, we constantly upgrade our own skills in order to ensure that you are up to date with the latest Hair cut techniques in the world Headed by HAIROLOPHY HAIR, BEAUTY ACADEMY & SALON.

Hairolophy a trained hair expert gifted with the ability to perfectly match profiles with hairstyles, also work his magic through the skillful execution tested and trusted hair treatments. Hairolophy Academy we believe that people need to feel good about them in order to live life to the fullest.

The team at Hairolophy Academy is highly trained and experienced. To them Hair & Beauty is an Art Form and they are the artists. Our team is cheerful and helpful, and always at hand to advise you on the style or treatment that will best suit your need. We give you our time and attention as well as our expertise. Our Academy

Why Hairolophy..?

Our curriculums are designed to provide the perfect balance of education and hands-on training, giving you plenty of experience to put your skills to the test in our gorgeous salon.

You’ll learn to provide the best client experience with the skills you need to master your craft. Our education is designed to be fun and interactive. It’s about building a career!

State of the art facility the academy location is state of art, modern in design and well equipped to offer the latest service, That offers you a positive, real-world learning environment to hone your skills while effectively communicating and interacting with clients.

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