Basic Hair Dressing Course 


hairstyle is the way hair is cut and styled. A haircut may be just practical, but a hairdo suggests professional styling. The fashioning of hair is an aspect of fashion, and cosmetics, especially for females. Practical, cultural, and popular considerations also influence hairstyles.

Hair Science

Hairolophy’s innovative use of ingredients is all thanks to our team of scientists who are the authority in hair growth and scalp health. While it’s imperative that our team understands how hair grows, it’s important for you to know as well, especially if the length is one of your hair goals.


Shampoo is a hair care product, typically in the form of a viscous liquid, that is used for cleaning hair. Less commonly, shampoo is available in bar form, like a bar of soap. Shampoo is used by applying it to wet hair, massaging the product into the scalp, and then rinsing it out.

Styling Product Knowledge

Beautiful You takes pride in sharing our passion for education.  We are grateful for the opportunities we have to contribute our knowledge with our clients, the public, students, and other salon professionals.  The purpose of this series on hair styling product knowledge is to inspire people, such as yourself, to feel more confident in taking care of their hair, while also having fun stylizing.  

Shampoo Knowledge

Shampoos represent the second biggest category in personal care and the largest in the personal cleansing and hair care segments. The principal function of a shampoo is to clean/condition hair and leave it smelling pleasant. The typical shampoo consists mainly of water, a primary surfactant, one or more co-surfactants, and a soluble salt. Other ingredients are added for thickening, fragrance, preservation, and conditioning.

Colour Theory

Hair color is a matter of chemistry. The first safe commercial hair coloring product was created in 1909 by French chemist Eugene Schuller, using the chemical paraphenylenediamine. Hair coloring is very popular today, with over 75% of women coloring their hair and a growing percentage of men following suit. How does hair coloring work? It’s the result of a series of chemical reactions between the molecules in hair and pigments, as well as peroxide and ammonia.

Global Coloring

Global hair color refers to coloring your entire hair from root to tip with the same colorGlobal hair color is popularly used to cover up greys, switch up your hair color, and bring uniformity to hair that was previously colored in different hues.

Root Touch-up

A root touch-up the application of hair dye to the roots of the hair, to conceal the fact that hair has grown out. This will enable your hair color to not only last longer but also continue to look fresh and beautiful. To truly have the best color results you can also have the ends of your hair refreshed that become faded from shampooing and daily life. Root touch-ups are usually needed anywhere between 3 to 5 weeks after your color appointment. 


The standard parting method taught in cosmetology schools requires diving the scalp into 7 sections: top, right side, left side, right crown, left crown, right nape, and left nape. You’ll also pull out a. 5 inches (1.3 cm) band of hair around the perimeter of the hairline. Section the front of your hair.

Blow Dry & Styling

A blow dry bar is a hair salon that strictly provides washing, blow-drying, and hairstyling. Stylists will wash your hair, blow it dry straight or wavy, and style it in a selection of hairdos from a preset menu.

One Length

A one-length haircut is achieved by cutting the hair to the same perimeter length from the natural fall. The natural fall refers to the natural position of the hair.

A true one length haircut is created by combing the hair down from the natural fall and cutting to the same one length line with no over-direction or elevation.

One Length Variations

A true one length haircut is created by combing the hair down from the natural fall and cutting to the same one length line with no over-direction or elevation.
One Length Variations is a change or slight difference in condition, amount, or level, typically within certain limits as per our hair conditions.

Square Layers

Square layers (also referred to as box layers) are a popular style element for most of today’s current cuts. The technique creates defined layer groupings and is ideal for women with long, thick, and wavy hair who want to keep their hair from appearing too bulky or voluminous toward the bottom of the hairstyle.

Forward Graduation 

The Forward Graduation technique is a combination of the One Length cutting technique at the back and face-framing graduation at the front.

It’s a cut where weight is built up within the shape or the external line – a gradual progression of lengths from short to long. 

Round Layers

Round layering refers to the silhouette crafted from the layering technique. The achievement of this effect often requires the use of a curved cutting line. The circle cut is an example of a round layering style. This is especially true when the hair is cut to a balanced length so that it lies and forms a spherical silhouette. The round layering also qualifies as convex layering, though in an all-over sense.

Carry Bob

A short bob is a bob that’s cut between the ear and just above the shoulders. There are all types of ways to cut a bob on short hair, including angled, graduated, inverted, asymmetrical, and many more. With tons of modern and fresh takes, your short hair can be customized to match your personality. Whether you’re a rocker full of attitude, the girl next door, or the avant-garde trendsetter, a shorter bob can be a great hairstyle for you to make a statement.

Men’s Hair Cut

Men’s haircuts and hairstyles have been the traditional look for guys. This is because cool short haircuts for men are stylish yet easy to manage and quick to style. Nevertheless, even with short hair on the sides and top, guys have a lot of trendy, modern men’s haircuts to choose from.

Head Massage 

Head massage is the best technique that provide relief for people staving off stress, headaches, and irritations. Head massage is gently performed on the head that decreases excessive levels of stress and endows relaxation for a long duration. Our well-trained team performs this head massage and offers stress reduction.
Massaging and stimulating pressure points in hand to release the energy and relax tired hands.

Hair Spa

Hair spa treatment is the new black these days with people taking appointments on their weekends to get that shiny and silky-smooth hair back.

Now, before you go and get yourself some happy time, know what exactly is a Hair spa and basically everything about it.

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