Saloon Service


Skincare Services  

Everything good thing requires maintenance. So does your skin. Walk-in for your monthly skincare consisting of waxing, clean up, threading, bleach, and facial.

Indulge in White Lumination Brightening Radiance Treatment and see those dark spots and tan gradually go away leaving you with translucent and glowing skin.

Our Sea Water pearls which combine the goodness of pearls, algae, and caviar re -plumps your skin from within and leave you with a relaxed and radiant complexion.

Get those worry lines and frown lines off your face with our collagen booster treatment, which helps fill in those unsightly lines and bring a confident youthful smile on your face.

Give your skin the much-needed pampering and care with our purifying and hydrating facials and masks.

Clean Ups & Bleach

Radiant Clean Up, Matt Look, Mineral Clean up, Youthful cleanup, Haldi Chandan Bleach, Fruit Bleach, D Tan



Basic Facials  

Fruit Facial, Oxy Blast Facial, Natural Honey, Mela Light Facial treatment, Hydrating Facial, Purifying Facial, Sparkling Diamond Facial



International Luxury Facial

Moisturizing Facial
Whitening Lumination
Seawater Pearls
Collagen Booster Facial

Basic Skin Care

Chocolate Waxing
Waxing services for Males



Premium Facials 

Hydra Moist Ritual, Aqua Splash, Moisturizing Minero, Acne Defying Facial, Camphor Healing Ritual, Mint & Lavender Treatment, Oxy Fresh, Age Smart Ritual, Raspberry Treatment, Optimum Lightening, Shine Bright, Happy Bright with Thermal, Snow White Facial, Sheer Magic



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